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Strong, happy  and confident women

Strong, happy and confident women

Hi I am Salana

I am here for the re-education of women's innocence.

Salana was born in the UK, she is now based in Melbourne Australia.

Salana is a practitioner of Dharma, Buddhist Meditation, and Mindfulness. She is a Melbourne trained NLP Public Speaker and Educator on "The Celestial Curriculum," Meditaion, and Women's Work. The material is NEW and it is very transformative. Change is the results. Her channelled works are full of resolve.  All of the channelled literature are for the new era of women's empowerment.

In the past thirty years she has been working closely with an empowered, female practitioner, Jagjit an author, of many channelled books for this worlds new education on spiritual empowerment for women.  Salana has been educated on Jagit's material and the empowerment of  Women's Work . Salana is now an empowered educator for Women’s liberation of fear, powerlessness, and their disconnection from their ancestral alignment of God and man.

Salana re-educates your re-connection to the "Truth frequency" She will help you remember your higher heritage. You are a daughter to the supreme Source and  not to animal alignment.

The truth will set you free. 

Salana is a trained NLP Speaker in Melbourne and she looks forward to educating you to your  highest calling.

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